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Counselling, Therapy, and Mental Health Services App

It's 2018, and we finally have a better understanding of mental health. We've identified signs and causes, as well as treatments. However, accessibility still remains somewhat of an issue, both as a result of people being scared of seeking health, as well as them not having an understanding of what it is they're actually looking for. This is where Therapeutic comes in - it's a platform that allows private practitioners to make themselves available, and potential patients to seek them and request appointments.

Therapeutic is really simple. It would use Google Maps API integration to display private practitioners around you. You would then see their details - specializations, availability, ratings, and more - and have the ability to request an appointment. Due to doctor-patient confidentiality, there would be no middle-man; they would contact you directly via the email you use to sign up. There are many kinds of therapists and counsellors, each with their own specialization, so Therapeutic will help you find the one you actually need. You would also get alerts on things like availability changes, or whether a practitioner is no longer accepting new patients.


I really wanted to make a concept for an app that would actually be really useful, but also important. My mother is a private practitioner herself, so I grew up learning a lot about mental health and how important it is. This is why I've decided to work on Therapeutic in hopes of being able to help people in need.

Just like my previous project, I used Adobe Xd to create the user interface, and the built-in prototyping tool to create the actual workflow. I gave it a clean, minimalistic design that is loosely based on Material Design. This helps the user focus on the actual content, especially since the design itself would be clean and consistent. I went through a couple of iterations and got a lot of good feedback from a couple of testers, too, changing things around to make the concept better


After my first version, I did some user research and got really good feedback. One of the main issues was the logo. Albeit in my head, I was trying to portray the image of a psychiatrist's armchair, it seemed that my idea was not as translateable, and so I decided to go with something that would be more universally understandable - a head with a brain visible. This one comes across more clearly as something to do with the mind, therefore allowing users to see right away that this app is focused on mental health services and not furniture.

Another major issue was my choice of colours. I chose pink at first because I saw it as nice and bright, but it seemed to instead invoke a sense of panic and anxiety. That made me decide to go with a nice shade of green, which is more relatable to medicine and therapy. It's also bright but not "right in your face", which means the users can be at ease. I also got rid of the dark backgrounds and opted for something much lighter. After all, no patient wants to be left in the dark, so to speak.


There aren't that many features in Therapeutic, but there don't need to be - it's simply a platform to allow users to find private practitioners, and hopefully promote mental health. This includes actually seeking the help you need without any hassles. You can easily see the details you need about the practitioners and book your appointments with them. Privacy is important, too, so all contact is direct. All that's left to do now is to make this concept a reality.