Dog Adoption App

Although the idea itself has already been done, I've decided to do my take on it. I've tried making the prototype with Material Design in mind. This app is actually inspired by an older group project I've worked on. I wanted to give it new life, hence my motivation and ambitiousness.

The idea itself is simple. Dog kennels, hospitals, and adoption services, would connect to the app and display their available dogs, including personal information and pricing. Users would log in, filter by their preferences, and mark the dogs they're interested in. The ones they've marked will be saved in a bookmarks-like list, which will take you to the individual dog's profile. This profile would display their age, breed, personality, and more. From there, you can book a visit. This means you can have a sort of playdate to see if you really like the dog. After all, owning a pet is a big step, as well as a serious investment.


I started by examining my old project I've mentioned above. I thought about how I would transition it into an app. I then started making a mockup in Adobe Xd. It took me a couple of days before I was ready to refine it. I changed the interface several times until I was happy with it. I didn't want it to look too much like Tinder or other similar apps, but I still wanted it to be intuitive.

I also used the Prototype function in Adobe Xd to create UX links, so when you test the app out, the buttons are clickable. If you'd like to see the prototyope in action, please check it out here!


This is my first app design in quite a while. Although it was mostly for myself and not work-related, I still feel like it was really good practice. I'd like to keep working on this more in the future, as well as make many more apps. I'm determined to become better, and this is a stepping stone in that path.