This is my first UI/UX project - a flight app. The idea is, you scan your ticket, and this app keeps track of it digitally. It'll show you all the data you need - seat/aisle, gate, time, etc. That way, you don't have to keep looking for your ticket when the times comes to approach your gate. You have it on your phone, so you use NFC to verify your ticket, and voila. If you're gonna use your phone a lot, you may as well keep track of the important things in life, too.

It will also tell you a lot of useful information about your destination, such as the weather, hotels, restaurants, places of interest, and more. That way, you don't have to switch apps constanty (Google Maps, Google Search, Firefox, Trip Advisor, etc). It'll automatically display the top ten results from each category (based on some algorithm, maybe from Google).

Last but not least, it will have some settings you can tweak, such as units (degrees C/F), airport codes (YYZ, YVR, etc), and dark mode.


This was my first mobile app design, so I tried to use my knowledge of RWD and mobile-friendly websites to create my initial draft. At first, I wanted to cram all the information from a flight ticket into the app. I then realized that it's a bit unrealistic. People don't really want to see every possible piece of information on a small screen. That means I had to start simplifying it. That includes using taps and swipes to change information.

I then started making the prototype in Illustrator. It was my first time using Illustrator, actually. I did get a little frustrated at first as I was slowly learning how to use it. However, after a good while of playing around with it, I got to finish my prototype. I tried sticking to a mix of Android's material design and iOS's UI to have a simple, flat overall design.


My first UI/UX design project, this flight app was challenging but fun. I got to learn a lot about how to design apps for mobile phones. I had to think about navigation with swipes and taps, rather than mouse clicks and hovers. I also had to think about simplifying the UI and making it descriptive, as opposed to using texts and labels like I would on a desktop. I can't wait to tackle similar challenges again in the future.