This is my second design - a dental app. This app would in theory allow you to do several things: first, it would allow you to keep track of how long you brush your teeth for by having a timer that counts down. You can customize the timer, though the default value would be 2.5min. After the timer is done, it'll remind you to floss your teeth, though you can skip that. It would also allow you to keep track of your appointments and potentially synchronize with calendar apps, like Google Calendar.

There's also a progress tracking function that shows you your overall progress - whether you have met your brushing goals (i.e. not quitting before the timer is done), as well as whether you've flossed or not. Last, it has some basic options, like customizing the timer, enabling a dark theme, etc.


Originally, I just put down a concept where I put everything I could possibly come up with. However, I realized that I'm designing for a smart watch, so I have to keep it simple. That includes taking unnecessary functions out, as well as keeping the UI as simple as possible. After several revisions, this draft is what I came up with.

I tried to combine elements from Android's material design as well as iOS's design. That's how I came up with my prototype at the top. I tried to keep the colours flat and simple while making the icons big and clear. I also wanted to make them as descriptive as possible. If the icons are self-explanatory, that means I don't need to worry about putting labels anywhere. That means more space to work with.


This was my first time ever designing a smart watch app, so I was definitely a little frustrated at first. I don't have a smart watch, so it was difficult transitioning from making websites to designing an app for a small surface. By the end of the project, though, I've learned quite a lot. The most important lesson, though, is to keep it simple. After all, "a UI is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it's not that good."